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Drawing on Envelopes 2 weeks to go

In two weeks we fly from Australia to London for a holiday. I am also going to Barcelona for a few days for the Urban Sketchers Symposium, where I have signed up for five Urban Sketching Workshops on the streets of Barcelona – learning about perspective, putting people and context in my sketches.
However the last 10 weeks of travel envelopes and travel journaling postings on my blog have all had a specifically LONDON theme This is because my travelling companion , who lives interstate, is staying to holiday in the UK while I am in Barcelona. All of our time together is in London. Hence, the London themes and scenes that I have been drawing in this set of blog posts . Our excitement levels are VERY high
This week I am getting really specific and very coordinated. (I just realised this as I wrote this). I have drawn a London Underground sign and an London Underground Travel card. We will see these quite often as we are staying in South Kensington for the first week.  We will be travelling on the Tube when we are not walking around.
Oyster card for use on the Tube – tap on tap off
and here it is as a Work in Progress. I wish I has scanned it from when it first started the sketch. This is just to give you an idea of how my watercolour pencil drawings progress