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Easter greetings

Happy Easter everyone.

1Apr15  bunny3

Each year I draw something for Easter. (see past years drawings )  In the last year I have been fortunate enough to move to Melbourne and into an apartment block where one of my neighbours  owns a chocolate shop called The Chocolate Box (based in Melbourne, but  wonderful online store too !)  She kindly invited me to draw anything from her store. It was a visual treat to wander around and look through the array of eggs, bunnies, chocolates and treats, all beautifully packaged.

30mar15  bunny

I decided on a little soft and fluffy toy bunny, some traditional chocolate eggs in foil and a chocolate nest of eggs. I find that foil is really difficult to draw, with all the shininess, so I did not choose too many of those.

29mar15 bashful bunny and eggs
30mar15  eggs up close






I  loved the Mini Half Egg with Hazelnut Praline Birds Eggs. Many of you will know how much I love drawing birds nests, feathers and eggs, so this seemed the perfect choice. 

1apr15 bunny2

I really enjoyed drawing the texture of the soft bunny and the colour of the chocolate. The foil was as difficult as I remembered!
What have you been drawing this Easter?

Easter food drawing

Happy Easter

Each Easter I draw a hot cross bun and any other Easter eggs I have been given

a chocolate I was given

a card I made

Here is this years hot cross bun.

Hot Cross Buns are part of Easter for me and my childhood in Australia and they come from a English tradition.   They are spicey sweet buns with a cross on the top (made of flour and water usually) and are eaten on Good Friday.

I searched around a few local bakeries and bought three buns as I wanted to see their various interpretations. Usually they are sold in half dozen, but I bought single ones. I did not realize how traditional and picky I was, until I came to buy and draw them. It cannot have any strange additions (chocolate ? custard ? )  and HAS to have currants and if possible, peel.   I chose to draw the one that was home baked by a friend Judy. It has a lovely glaze (secret recipe).

Last year on my blog I showed step by step of my hot cross bun as I drew it.

and also a  collection of my other Easter drawings of chocolates and rabbits and more hot cross buns

Happy Easter break everyone

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all.
Each year I draw an Easter card for my mother and also somehow find another treat to draw in my sketchbook. This year is no different .

This is a china rabbit that I have .He comes out and sits on a shelf at Easter. My grandmother remembers that it belonged to her mother and it was there about the time she was married – so maybe in the 1940s.

I also have a hot cross bun that will be drawn and eaten and added to this page over the next day or two….check back. I will see how long it lasts , sitting there temptingly on the kitchen bench in its brown paper packet.
I have four days of relaxation, socialising, and drawing ahead of me . Wonderful

This is the same rabbit when I drew him last year

03Apr12 Easter bunny by alissa duke
Watercolour pencil on Fabbriano paper.
03Apr12 Easter bunny, a photo by alissa duke on Flickr.

 and other previous years Easter drawings

05Apr12 hot cross buns ! by alissa duke05Apr12 hot cross buns !, a photo by alissa duke on Flickr.


06Apr12 hot cross bun - one bite by alissa duke

01Apr10 Easter rabbit by alissa duke04Apr10 Easter rabbit - oops by alissa duke

01Apr10 Easter rabbit, a photo by alissa duke on Flickr.
04Apr10 Easter rabbit – oops, a photo by alissa duke on Flickr.


12Apr09 Easter Day by alissa duke
12Apr09 Easter Day, a photo by alissa duke on Flickr.