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fish in 6 ways and other food sketches

Evelyn’s Birthday lunch.

A table spread with fruits, cheeses, dips and breads and much more.
All the people gathered were sketchers, so the food was a focus for many reasons.
breads, dips, meats. cheeses
Then Angela arrived with smoked trout. 
I drew the trout once in ink, then again in colour, then again bigger and in colour, then in ink……I experimented with drawing some in a larger A4 Jasart 150gsm sketchbook, and with one of the new Tombow pens that I got for Christmas.
 I really enjoyed doing these sketches today and felt very creative and inspired . I am sure it was not just the subject matter(the fish), but being surrounded by creative friends an in the right state of mind..
He did get eaten along the way …
then I moved onto dessert and the view 
Sunnyboys – you have to be Australian growing up in the 1970/1980’s to know these