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My drawing projects this week

Here is a little review of the variety of drawing projects that I have been doing in my out of work hours this week.

Of course Everyday in May continues.


19May draw a cupcake

I wrote about this drawing challenge last week, and here is one of this week’s sketches. See all my Everyday in May drawings.   I really enjoy this project, but it is a little exhausting and I will be glad when is May over and I can redirect that creativity and time to many other drawing projects.

19May15 book sketch
This week I have been drawing another old book at work. I initially sketched the book as it sat on the shelf over two lunch breaks (above) . I felt that something was not quite right and asked for feedback from my friends on the Artists Journal Workshop facebook group. A few suggestions were put forward which I have incorporated as I draw the final version on a loose sheet of paper. This is how I will spend some of my day today (Sunday) . The final drawing  may become part of  another set of book themed Greeting cards – to sell alongside of my drawings of old library books and shelves on my Etsy shop.

Which leads me to hint of my other project this week. A new set of Greetings cards, based on my feather and nests drawings are at the printer and will be for sale in the next few weeks Subscribe to this blog to find out about it when it happens!

And last but definitely not least is my everyday sketching – capturing moments in my life. All of my drawing are on my flickr page


21 May15 tram

Everyday in May 2015

1May15 EDiM a favourite food

What is Everyday in May ?
Start on 1st May and draw one item on the list (see below) every day in May until you finish on 31st May with number 31. Our sketches and paintings are added to the  flickr or facebook group  .A great fun community of EDiM sketchers has grown.


Sometimes I spend only a few scribbled moments on a sketch and other times a longer drawing (usually done with the tv on in the background) . The fun part is choosing how to interpret the theme and see what other people do !

Here are a few from the first half of the month  See all of my drawings in this years May challenge

2May15 EDiM a nearby treee 4May15 a spice 4May15 EDiM something hot 5May15 something to throw away 7May15 envelope 9May15 switch on and off 11May15 draw headgear 12May15 stairs 14May15 something i use everyday

I have participated in

Everyday in May 2013

Everyday in May 2012

Everyday in May 2010

and Everyday in May 2009

Why do I do it?

I love a project and a goal. I like to see other interpretations on a theme and see other people’s creativity and styles. AND I like to see what my mother does each day for the challenge and to see her art and confidence grow as she posts to the flickr group. .

Keep checking out my flickr site to see what I draw up to 31st May !

drawing biscuits step by step

Today  I drew two biscuits for the Everyday in May challenge of Draw a Cookie.
I thought that I would share my drawing process with you. I use watercolour pencil in a Moleskine Watercolour sketchbook.
Everyday in May is an art challenge I have participated four times in previous years.  A list of daily challenges is provided at the beginning of May and everyone draws/paints their interpretation. See everyone else’s at
These are based on the list of Danny Gregory Everyday Matters challenges.
Here is my drawing of a “Cookie.
” In Australia we call them biscuits and these are two Arnott’s classics. A Monte Carlo and a Shortbread Cream. These two are not my absolute favourites, but definitely part of growing up in Australia. The Delta Cream biscuit was added later……
Monte Carlo: a raspberry and cream fondant sandwiched between two golden syrup, honey and coconut biscuits.
Shortbread creams: two vanilla shortbreads with vanilla cream in the centre

The finished drawing. It took about two hours


Everyday in May 14-31

Here are my drawings for Days 14 to 31 of Everyday in May. I blogged my drawings on 1-13 . Now here is the second half.
What was Everyday in May ?
It started on 1st May and we drew one item on the list from the flickr or facebook group  every day in May until finishing on 31st May .A great fun community of EDiM sketchers has grown.
 Have a look at the Flickr group  Add a comment (just join to get account to comment) as there are a few people were using Everyday in May to get into or back into drawing and would love a comment !
Sometimes I spent only a few scribbled moments on a sketch and other times a longer drawing (usually done with the tv on in the background) . The  fun (and sometimes challenging ) part was choosing how to interpret the theme! It was fun for a month, but I am ready to spend that time doing other drawings now….
here are most of my 14-1 May drawings





Drawing on envelopes – 8 weeks to go (and other travel drawing)

This weeks drawing on an envelope (in the countdown to our holiday to London) is a squirrel. The previous three weeks envelopes (on my blog) have had iconic scenes and buildings in London drawn on them.

This week is more “up close and personal” – a squirrel. It is drawn from a photograph I took in the UK in 1994! I know that they are pests in the UK and do terrible damage to the environment and other animals , but I still think they have so much character and look so cute . My travelling companion has been to London previously, but did not see a squirrel. I saw lots when I lived there, but I am still fascinated by them.

 I drew this on a heavier thickness of envelope, and one that is cream/yellow in colour. The watercolour pencils worked really well on this paper. I could have  sat and sketched on envelopes all day after I did this one. It worked out just how I wanted it to !That is a good feeling


 my travel sketch this week is my NEW suitcase . It is actually secondhand. The suitcase has a few too many pockets for my needs, but that’s ok .


in it I found a  EURO coin .A good sign for my 5 days in Barcelona ! Today’s Everyday in May challenge was “draw something you got for free” , and my coin fits perfectly to that theme.

EveryDay in May

Everyday in May starts today

What is Everyday in May ?

Start on 1st May and draw one item on the list (see below) every day in May until you finish on 31st May with number 31.Don’t stress if you miss a day – just go on to the next one and catch up if you can. It is ok to combine a few, or to jump around if it suits…but the ideal is to do the right one on the day like everyone else….but most importantly have fun!

May 1 challenge is to Draw something bubbly. Many thoughts went through my head –  champagne, soap, detergent, bubble wrap …. I chose a glass of Sparkling Shiraz !! I drew this at breakfast – I had an empty glass and made up the colour and fizz !

As I put this up online is not even the 1 May in some places in the world, but I wanted to get this image online early and start everyone’s creative juices flowing. Join us ! there is always something to draw !

The list of what to sketch is up on the EDM Every Day in May facebook page
and on the Flickr Group page also.
and …yes…..the 2011 name is the correct one. Technical reasons

As everyone in the group adds their own interpretations of each object daily to the flickr and/or facebook page a conversation begins to build as people comment regularly on each other’s drawings or paintings. A lovely community of Everyday Matters artists grows.

When I first began EDiM in 2009 I was not doing a lot of other drawing and spent a lot of time on each one. This year I will do less rather than more. Maybe I might even give myself  a time limit of 15 minutes only. Then I have no excuse to keep going. By the end of May it is sometimes hard to keep the momentum going, but worth it !

I usually look at the list in advance and plan what I am going to do for each one but I know of other people who don’t look at the days challenge until that day !

I participated in 2009 and 2010 and 2012. You can go to my flickr page and see my them.

Every Day In May 2009 my holiday souvenirs

01May09 Everyday in May

Every Day In May 2010 – from the list

01May10 EDM in EDiM 01 Draw a Shoe06May10  EDM in EDiM Draw a childhood toy07May10 EDM in EDiM Draw a jar from the kitchen05May10 EDM inEDiM Draw your bed

Every Day in May 2012 – from the list

1May12 EDiM draw a landscape21May12 DRaw an ear#121May12 Draw an ear #223May12 Draw a souvenir

24 May12 draw something cold

Everyday in May originated in 2009 by Elena (frenchtoast girl) on flickr. With aa commitment to create something Every day in May. Recent years the list of daily inspirational themes has been based on the Danny Gregory Everyday Matters yahoo group list of challenges.