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Library coffee cups

Today was my work Christmas party. It was held in the tearoom at work, everyone bringing a plate of food and taking the time to  relax. My contribution to the lunch (along with bread and juice) were these paper coffee cups that I had drawn on. They are  drawings of the Supreme Court of Victoria.  The library that we work in is under the dome. The other drawings are of books in the library. People could take a cup if they wanted to, and happily did.

cup and books

Above is a cup against the books.

Below are the different drawings I did.

Here are the BOOKS


DSCF1109 DSCF1110DSCF1107


and here is the LIBRARY

















The cups were bought by my colleague Monica at the markets in a stack of 100 (thank you !) . I didn’t think I would use that many but I can see lots fun potential. I have drawn on them with my Lamy Safari Joy ink pen . I hope you enjoy.

If you love books and library you can purchase my watercolour pencil drawings of them on Greeting cards in my Etsy shop





When my coffee came in a black takeaway cup on Friday  I knew I wanted to draw on it for Halloween.


The white gel pen I was planning to use did not like the cardboard  that the cup was made out, so I ended up drawing with a coloured pencil (Faber Castell Polychromos) and using an image available on a copyright free online site. It is a cat on a pumpkin.

A few years ago I drew a few Halloween themed pictures.  (Watercolour pencil in my Moleskine Watercolour sketchbook)

scan0056 scan0042

I hope everyone enjoys their Halloween  parties and costumes !


drawing on a coffee cup

I had not decided what to write about in this weeks blogpost.

Until I drew on a coffee cup and posted it online on Instagram and Facebook.

I was overwhelmed with number of ‘Likes’ . 500 plus in only a few hours.  I have never had so many Comments and Likes.

That made my decision to share it with everyone. I drew on this paper coffee cup today to put in my sketching exhibition NEXT WEEK (that will be next weeks blogpost).


Melbourne. Flinders Street Station drawn on my coffee cup.

I did some other coffee cup sketches today. And I have done it in the past too.


another coffee cup – close up sketch of features


St Pauls Cathedral, Melbourne and my Lamy Safari Joy ink pen


Sydney. Erin’s sketch class at lunch

Sydney. Crane on Cockatoo Island

10Apr14 Cockatoo Island cutlery

Sydney. Cockatoo Island serviette and wooden takeaway cutlery (I drew the Sydney Harbour Bridge on it).

my tea and coffee cups

I am aware that I draw my coffee cups a lot. I am not a particular coffee aficionado and I also drink tea as well, especially at home. I also draw my wine/champagne glasses.

I have finally gathered them all together in a SET on flickr, there are over 80. Click HERE to see them all together on flickr. Some are quick and sketchy and others more studied.

I know which watercolour pencils to use for the coffee (and tea) and how the colours will change when I add water .

All Faber Castell Albrecht Durer. Of course I don’t use all of these in the one drawing, but they are a part of my kit and can be used

Raw Umber (I lie – this is a Derwent)
Burnt Yellow Ochre (oops – Derwent also)
Burnt Ochre
Burnt Umber
Walnut Brown
Burnt Siena (excellent for the chocolate bits on top. Too chocolaty for general use)

I think that I tend to draw coffee cups because when I am drinking it I am sitting down, comfortable and with time to spare. I am obviously not in desperate need of caffeine, or I would start drinking straight away. Therefore I do drink cool or cold coffee very often. But I am usually very pleased with my drawing.  The coffee shop staff love it when you draw their art ! It starts so many conversations.

Sometimes I just draw the coffee and sometimes I draw my food as well. Other times I will draw what I see in the café or the view outside, to give it some context. It really depends on the day and the moment.

Of course, then it dawned on me that cappuccino’s also leave interesting marks down the side of the cup after you have finished it ! I just have to remember to drink it and not start drawing straight away, which is my normal immediate reaction. I also have to learnt to spell cappuccino as I seem to change it each time.

of course then there are the coffee cups themselves to draw ON…….
and the  tea cosies.. but that is another story