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I grew up in Queensland and spent most of my adult life in Brisbane, and then Sydney and now I live in Melbourne. I have been drawing since high school, but became more serious in late 2008 when I started to draw every day and journal in a Moleskine Watercolour sketchbook.

me sketching in the park

me sketching in the park

I have come to the realisation that drawing is now a part of me and my life. I draw daily, documenting everyday events and objects and travels in my life. I will sketch for five minute at a bus stop, or for half hour while having coffee, or complete a drawing over a few nights at home. I have drawn in hospital, and on overseas holidays. I carry my sketchbook, pencils and pen with me everywhere as there is always something to draw! Lo Res_Alissa_07My art captures the character of the object I draw, connecting it with the viewer. I also am part of a global Urban Sketchers movement, and I continue to document my world as a sketchbook journal artist.

I use watercolour pencils to draw subjects from the natural world, such as feathers, eggs, leaves and insects. I also draw objects from everyday life including food, coffee cups, books or toys. The subjects are personal and individual and often nostalgic and with a character of their own.

I enjoy closely observing an object as I draw it and then allowing people to experience that same enjoyment as they observe my drawing. I have been using watercolour pencils since 2008 and I have become familiar with their characteristics. Watercolour pencils allow me to blend and layer and to provide rough texture or fine detail to bring out the character of the object I am drawing


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  1. Victoria Warne

    Hello, I saw and admired your work at the East Melbourne library and would like to purchase some cards.
    How do I do it?
    I think your work is great.

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