Seven Bridges Walk sketching

This past weekend I flew to Sydney with my Mother to participate in the  Seven Bridges Walk  . It is a 28km walk through some of Sydney’s most scenic locations and raise funds to beat cancer with NSW Cancer Council .

The night before, in the lead up to the event I drew the map and my sneakers . 

Mum took a photo of our shoes before the walk started

We were on our feet from 7 am when we left the hotel until 4 pm when we returned. It was 30 degrees and sunshine , so we kept well rehydrated all day .

And of course I sketched ! They are very quick sketches  either five or ten minutes. Sometimes it was on the lead up to the bridge and other times after we have walked over the bridge and I looked back. I stepped to the side and let the steady stream of walkers pass by. 

I sketched in Moleskine watercolour sketchbook with my Lamy Safari Joy ink pen. At each bridge and Village we got a stamp. I asked the volunteers to stamp in my sketchbook. 

I participated in the event in 2012, a year after my medical adventure, but was not able to complete it  as it was just too much,   I also sketched then!


More details …. The course is a 28km closed loop circuit that travels clockwise around Sydney Harbour, highlighting many magnificent views and harbourside localities. Participants can register and start at any Village, where they can pick up their Event Guide, which includes a course map and official event wristband.  There will be water stations at each Village for participants to fill up their own water bottles..Around the course participants will use existing pathways and will therefore need to abide by normal road rules. No special event clearways or road closures will be in place. All participants walk in a clockwise direction only, so as to ease congestion and make the walk safer for all.

I did sketch and walk on one bridge. I have written about my sketchwalking in a previous blog post. 


The walk was hard work. Much of it was flat, but there were some very challenging and very steep suburban streets which we walked up and down . We walked up and across a bridge and then down to the park at the bottom of them where there would be toilets, water and sometimes food and entertainment.  We walked through some older and historic suburbs and one street had amazing Halloween decorations on most of the houses. 

Sydney Harbour Bridge deserved two sketches (above and below) 

Today (Monday) . Our leg muscles are aching, but that will disappear in a day or two. But the memories and my sketches remain !!!

4 thoughts on “Seven Bridges Walk sketching

  1. Leonie Andrews

    Amazing Alissa! Both you and your Mum. I doubt my fitness level would be sufficient for such an adventure. Love the sketches, of course you would draw as you go.

  2. Tina M Koyama

    Wow! Congrats on the walk and for sketching, too! You’ve given new meaning to the term “sketchwalk”!

    – Tina

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