drawing lunch step by step

Another step by step drawing. 


My lunch. Drawn as a work in progress, knowing that I would probably eat it cold as I stopped to take photos along the way.

I draw all the main shapes and colours in their watercolour pencil colours. I do this so that when I add water to those lines, they become the object, rather than leaving an outside line.

I decided to add some of plate . I had considered just the food and chopsticks – you don’t need draw the plate to show the food is   on a plate. The viewers mind/imagination fills in this information.

I gradually build up the colours, adding dark. I decided not add dark around all  of the plate.

These are the watercolour pencils I used . I have about 26 in my pencil wrap and rarely use any outside of these (I have many other colours in the range in a box).

By this stage the page was getting murky and I was getting hungry. Time to stop and eat !

2 thoughts on “drawing lunch step by step

  1. Tina M Koyama

    Thanks for sharing your process! When I’m drawing a still life at the comfort of my desk, I use the same process as you do — draw with the colored pencil so that the outline disappears by the time I’ve finished filling in the rest of the object with color. But when I’m drawing on location, I find this more difficult to do, so I often draw an outline with ink first, then color in later — more like a “coloring book”. Sometimes I don’t like the result of this as much, but when I’m in a hurry to capture the changing scene, it’s harder to change pencils rapidly. Do you use this process even on location? Seems like very few urban sketchers use colored pencils exclusively as you (and now I) do!

    – Tina

  2. alissa Post author

    Ah – ha – Now I have next weeks blog post. You have given me lots to think about .

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