this weeks sketches

Today I have uploaded the sketches I have done this week. 

I am working ( that is not the right word as it is NOT work) on a few external projects on separate sheets of paper, so my sketchbook journal is not filling up as quickly as usual. 

I did manage some coffees, commuters and today’s breakfast.


I also drew on an envelope to send to my family who visited me recently and went to the mountains to see the sled dogs. This drawing on the envelope is from a photo they took 










drawings from my project – still a work in progress, 


Have a great week everyone, with lots of sketching.


Please let me know if there is any thing you would like me to talk about or explain or explore about my watercolour pencils and sketching.  

2 thoughts on “this weeks sketches

  1. Mary McCarty

    Your sketches are very soft,much like regular watercolors. Do you sketch very lightly with your pencils? What is your usual method? I really admire your work. Thank you for your help. Mary

  2. alissa Post author

    Thanks Mary !
    I will do a step by step drawing this weekend . I build up colour over the drawing with different colours and layers of colour. If I could figure out how to film it I would, but at this stage it will be taking photos as I go.

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