Craft Victoria HATCH markets

Last week I wrote about setting up my stall for Craft Victoria HATCH  markets . Yesterday the big day arrived and all of the preparation paid off. It was a wonderful day. 

The venue was an old factory (I think) in inner city Melbourne and had a good vibe, even when there were quiet moments. There were about 30 stall holders including jewellers, ceramicists, textile artists, print-makers and more all retailing their handcrafted wares.

I went with the expectation of no sales and taking this as a learning experience. At the end of the day I did make some sales, met some amazing stall holders with a passion for their craft and willing to share their experiences and knowledge. I also had conversations with some interesting people visiting the market . A few friends turned by to lend their support and also an instagram follower visiting from interstate introduced themselves. 

I sketched a few times during the day but forgot to take any photos of the room in full swing.

Visitors seem to come in waves s throughout the day, giving time to talk, tweak the stall, eat snacks and take it all in. I handed our  business cards, talk to some people about drawing and gathered a few names for my mailing list. I now have am occasional newsletter which will be sent out to subscribers when I have  upcoming events or exhibitions or new card designs It is a separate sign up than this weekly blog.  Sign up on the right had side of the page if you would like to receive this. I plan to email the next one out tomorrow. 

Craft Hatch program supports emerging makers and who have never had their own market stall before. The program includes mentoring and professional development guidance, and is a perfect way to get a face-to-face experience. It lived up to all of that !

I arrived home at the end of the day inspired and motivated but exhausted!

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  1. alissa Post author

    HI Sam – Thanks ! It was a great event – a real learning curve and I hope to do another soon.

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