Monthly Archives: August 2016

a weekend in Brisbane

A flying visit to Brisbane from Melbourne (2 hours) for the weekend to go on a fun run with my family.

A few sketches on the way in my spare time. I made the most of opportunities I had with my family and friends.

27Aug2016 Brisbane

I had the most ‘spare’ time on my own at the airport in the early morning. I like to draw planes. They more I do them the better it gets !

27Aug2016 Brisbane2

After I arrived we spent the afternoon walking  to and through Southbank , including a visit to the Museum. This sketch was done in the last few minutes . Tiredness levels were increasing for everyone by then. Time to go home.


The big day of the fun run “Bridge to Brisbane”28Aug2016 B2B walking
Sketching while (slowly) walking across Victoria Bridge into Brisbane city

28Aug2016 B2B1

At the end of the run or walk – the watermelon is a treat !



Return from UK holiday – catching up

I have just returned from 3 weeks holiday in England, which involved a lot of sketching. Slighty jet-legged, I am sorting out, catching up, reliving wonderful holiday memories and planning ahead. The sketches on this page are a few that I have scanned today.

27Jul2016 Manchester Town Hall rooftop

I travelled to Manchester for the Urban Sketching Symposium and then to York and then to London.27Jul2016 Symposium opening event

The holiday was wonderful and very special. I was overwhelmed with the history that surrounded me and the architecture of these three cities. I travelled with my very very patient mother, who understood and accommodated my sketching as we travelled – it is so easy to get distracted and ‘need’ to sketch something as you pass by it.

1Aug2016 York The Shambles

1Aug2016 York Micklegate Bar

I filled almost three sketchbooks (Moleskine 13 x 19 cm) with travel sketches in those three weeks. I now have the long task of scanning them. But before I can do that, many of the pages need to be ‘finished’ . This usually involves adding the date, heading, transcribing my scribbled pencil notes into the page in pen. Sometimes I want to find out more information about the place I have sketched and look online for details. I usually don’t add anymore to the sketch that I did on location, unless it is to add a bit more colour, or intensity to some areas.

5Aug2016 London Russell Square 5Aug2016 London Trafalgar Square



Once scanned, I will add them all into an Album on my flickr site, and a few on this blog.

Many people have been sharing their sketches and summaries and videos of their Symposium experiences on facebook and their blogs. I am looking forward to spending time looking through these one day.

I had decided not to blog, scan or try and keep up with any social media while I was away. I wanted to spend my time experiencing the sights, meeting people and sketching. However I did end up posting one drawing a day to Instagram. I am alissaduke1 if you want to see them. I also shared these to my facebook page Alissa Duke Art.