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drawing on a coffee cup

I had not decided what to write about in this weeks blogpost.

Until I drew on a coffee cup and posted it online on Instagram and Facebook.

I was overwhelmed with number of ‘Likes’ . 500 plus in only a few hours.  I have never had so many Comments and Likes.

That made my decision to share it with everyone. I drew on this paper coffee cup today to put in my sketching exhibition NEXT WEEK (that will be next weeks blogpost).


Melbourne. Flinders Street Station drawn on my coffee cup.

I did some other coffee cup sketches today. And I have done it in the past too.


another coffee cup – close up sketch of features


St Pauls Cathedral, Melbourne and my Lamy Safari Joy ink pen


Sydney. Erin’s sketch class at lunch

Sydney. Crane on Cockatoo Island

10Apr14 Cockatoo Island cutlery

Sydney. Cockatoo Island serviette and wooden takeaway cutlery (I drew the Sydney Harbour Bridge on it).

Linden Postcard Show 2015

Friday 18th Sept was the opening night of the Linden Postcard Show 2015 at St Kilda, Melbourne. I entered three drawings again this year.


This is an open entry exhibition and all entries must measure 8” (20cm) x 10” (25.5cm) .There are over 900 small format artworks adorning the gallery walls at Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts .Why is it called Postcard show ? One of the prizes is that the artwork is reproduced on a Postcard for Linden to sell during the year.

Here are my entries. They are all drawn with watercolour pencil. The feathers are on 210 gsm watercolour paper. The airmail parcel works are on heavy paper, chosen for its weight and colour. It had to look like the sort of mail you would receive in the post. As an added extra , it is actually folded like an envelope, with a back flap that you can open and put things in. I am not sure how Australia Post would cope with it !Airmail Parcel #1 100dpi

feathers 100dpi

Airmail Parcel #2 100dpi

All artworks are available for sale ! contact Linden New Art

If you like the feather I have a very similar drawing printed as a Greeting card. See my Etsy site to purchase.

Opening night was great fun, meeting with other friends to see all the artwork.


Prizes are announced

If you are in Melbourne, please visit. It is open until 21 NOVEMBER 2015 .

photo 4

Louise and me in front of my feathers drawing.


The Black room (all black and white based images)

an open book

An old open book has so much potential – what do you see written?

open book

This is my dilemma.

I have drawn a beautiful old book with yellowed pages, brown spots on the page (known as foxing) and a worn spine.

The book is open , inviting you in to read. However I do not want to use the original title page of the book as it is Ecclesistical Cases law reports published in 1703. I have drawn this on a loose sheet of A4 paper and may want to have it printed as a card or print in the future. I would like to have a wider audience than lawyers.

I ask for your suggestions on what you can visualise written on the opening pages of  this mysterious book  …

The thoughts so far – please comment and makes suggestions

  • leave it blank
  • Once Upon a Time
  • an illuminated letter or elaborate image or frontispiece

I look forward to reading your ideas and will let you know what happens in a future blog post .

*this was drawn with watercolour pencils in my lunch breaks at work . Warm Grey II, Burnt Ochre, Paynes Grey, Ivory, Raw Umber, Sketched lightly in HB pencil first to get the perspective and proportions in place.