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Dr Sketchy’s .. something different

Those who know me will know I love to draw feathers, food and objects with my watercolour pencils.

1Apr15  bunny3

1May15 EDiM a favourite food





This week shows a different side of my sketching . I went to Dr Sketchys Anti-Art School – described as  “The world’s premier alternative drawing movement. Whether you’re an artstar or a scribbling newbie, Dr. Sketchys is the perfect place to get your fill of drawing fun. Come sketch glamorous underground performers, listen to good tunes, and drink great cocktails.”

Basically Burlesque Life drawing
dr sketchys4
One Hostess, one DJ a fabulous model who had two fantastic costumes and 12 poses

dr sketchys6

The costumes started off very elaborate and were stripped down to not much at all.
dr sketchys1We sat in the third row and could not always see the models entire body – so I got to practice drawing her face.
dr sketchys2
dr sketchys3
Dr Sketchy’s is in cities around the world – basically Burlesque dancer who poses for sketching, great DJ and great atmosphere.

I have only been to one before and now after nine years the Melbourne Dr sketchy’s  is closing down and only have two more events.

The Model/dancer stays in a pose for one or two songs – so 3 to 6 mins. Quick thinking and sketching  is required.

Here is my sketch of the crowd as we eagerly waited for curtain to open and the event to begin..

31May15 Dr Sketchys


My drawing projects this week

Here is a little review of the variety of drawing projects that I have been doing in my out of work hours this week.

Of course Everyday in May continues.


19May draw a cupcake

I wrote about this drawing challenge last week, and here is one of this week’s sketches. See all my Everyday in May drawings.   I really enjoy this project, but it is a little exhausting and I will be glad when is May over and I can redirect that creativity and time to many other drawing projects.

19May15 book sketch
This week I have been drawing another old book at work. I initially sketched the book as it sat on the shelf over two lunch breaks (above) . I felt that something was not quite right and asked for feedback from my friends on the Artists Journal Workshop facebook group. A few suggestions were put forward which I have incorporated as I draw the final version on a loose sheet of paper. This is how I will spend some of my day today (Sunday) . The final drawing  may become part of  another set of book themed Greeting cards – to sell alongside of my drawings of old library books and shelves on my Etsy shop.

Which leads me to hint of my other project this week. A new set of Greetings cards, based on my feather and nests drawings are at the printer and will be for sale in the next few weeks Subscribe to this blog to find out about it when it happens!

And last but definitely not least is my everyday sketching – capturing moments in my life. All of my drawing are on my flickr page


21 May15 tram

Everyday in May 2015

1May15 EDiM a favourite food

What is Everyday in May ?
Start on 1st May and draw one item on the list (see below) every day in May until you finish on 31st May with number 31. Our sketches and paintings are added to the  flickr or facebook group  .A great fun community of EDiM sketchers has grown.


Sometimes I spend only a few scribbled moments on a sketch and other times a longer drawing (usually done with the tv on in the background) . The fun part is choosing how to interpret the theme and see what other people do !

Here are a few from the first half of the month  See all of my drawings in this years May challenge

2May15 EDiM a nearby treee 4May15 a spice 4May15 EDiM something hot 5May15 something to throw away 7May15 envelope 9May15 switch on and off 11May15 draw headgear 12May15 stairs 14May15 something i use everyday

I have participated in

Everyday in May 2013

Everyday in May 2012

Everyday in May 2010

and Everyday in May 2009

Why do I do it?

I love a project and a goal. I like to see other interpretations on a theme and see other people’s creativity and styles. AND I like to see what my mother does each day for the challenge and to see her art and confidence grow as she posts to the flickr group. .

Keep checking out my flickr site to see what I draw up to 31st May !

Old library books

A few weeks ago I showed this drawing as a work in progress and asked for advice on its composition. I received some very useful feedback.

books in frame

I have now completed the drawing. I decided to lean the books on each side and also have unfinished, disappearing edges. This is a style that I feel comfortable with.

24Apr15  Library books
Above is scan of the  finished drawing, on A4 paper with watercolour pencils. Read about the colours used in my last blogpost

The books are Dowling and Ryland’s MagistratesCases (1822-1827) an English Law Reports series.


I am going to keep the drawing in this frame on the wall so that I look at it everyday and notice subtle differences that I can make. It may be making some colours darker, increasing some shadow, or adding a line underneath to indicate a book shelf.

At a later stage I plan to create another set of Greeting Cards to add to my current set of eight Library and book cards in my Brand New Etsy Site
Now that the Winter months are here in Melbourne, I will be spending my lunch hours in the library I work in, drawing more books…..