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Hello Mebourne

I have been in Melbourne for two weeks, after moving from Sydney,  and have found it easy to continue my normal sketching patterns. I carry my Moleskine Watercolour sketchbook and watercolour pencils with me everywhere. I have the opportunity to quickly capture my new daily life.
Corner of  Collins and Elizabeth Streets . commuters on their way to work
At Flinders Street Station, looking at the timetables and platform notices

Fitzroy Gardens


I am also using my lunchtime to sketch the buildings around me. I have been very fortunate with the weather.
Supreme Court Library dome

Supreme Court Library window


On the weekend
I have sketched with Urban Sketchers Melbourne twice. At the moment they are focusing on sketching in the inner city Council District of Booroondara, which includes a number of suburbs including Hawthorn, Kew, Canterbury. It is in preparation for a urban Sketches exhibition at Town Hall Gallery Hawthorn in November. If you are visiting Melbourne, drop by and visit it. So I am getting to explore parts of Melbourne as well as meet new urban sketchers. I already knew Evelyn, Kym, Angela and Jodi from previous visits and am happy to be able to sketch and chat with them on a regular basis now.
This Saturday’s visit was to Maling Road, Canterbury. A charming shopping village with beautiful shops, cafes and the weather was perfect too.
Classic fruits store

My lunch, of course

Farewell Sydney

After 10 years living in Sydney I have moved to Melbourne ( 1 hr 20min flight or 9 hours for those who drive).
When I moved to Sydney I did not know anyone. Now I leave good friends in my local Pyrmont community and a wonderful sketching group.
The sketches on this page were done on the last few days on Sydney when I had time to spare, taking the opportunity to capture the  scenes around me.
Sketching on the morning before my plane flight to Melbourne
Cafe Morso. My favourite brunch cafe

A very very quick ferry sketch

a part of Pyrmont Bridge – walked over this to work for 10 years

local Pyrmont buildings. The Community Centre is the heart of Pyrmont