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Easter food drawing

Happy Easter

Each Easter I draw a hot cross bun and any other Easter eggs I have been given

a chocolate I was given

a card I made

Here is this years hot cross bun.

Hot Cross Buns are part of Easter for me and my childhood in Australia and they come from a English tradition.   They are spicey sweet buns with a cross on the top (made of flour and water usually) and are eaten on Good Friday.

I searched around a few local bakeries and bought three buns as I wanted to see their various interpretations. Usually they are sold in half dozen, but I bought single ones. I did not realize how traditional and picky I was, until I came to buy and draw them. It cannot have any strange additions (chocolate ? custard ? )  and HAS to have currants and if possible, peel.   I chose to draw the one that was home baked by a friend Judy. It has a lovely glaze (secret recipe).

Last year on my blog I showed step by step of my hot cross bun as I drew it.

and also a  collection of my other Easter drawings of chocolates and rabbits and more hot cross buns

Happy Easter break everyone

sketching a ferry quickly

Today I sketched this Sydney Ferry “Charlotte” at King Street Wharf terminal, while I was waiting for my ferry.
I made a quick set of notes as to each step so that I could explain how I used watercolour pencils to capture this part of my day on paper. The ferry is about 6cm x 6cm on the page
Sketched the basic structure of the ferry in Faber Castell Chrome Yellow as it pulled up to the wharf, unloaded and then reloaded passengers. I did not know how long it would be there but knew this would take a few minutes as it was just after 9am and full of commuters.
Quickly added the shapes of the windows in HB  pencil (to get the numbers and shapes correct)  and marked the height of the passengers against the front windows
Quickly and roughly shaded (scribbled) with Faber Castell Chrome Oxide Green and Yellow  in the correct areas
The ferry started to pull out backwards so I decided to draw the front of it  (in green) now that I could see it all
Added light loose background shapes of buildings across the other side of the water.
on the 8 minute ferry ride to Cockatoo Island
I added a little Faber Castell Ivory pencil direct to the page on the yellow area. This is to tone down the yellow, which is a little brash for the Sydney Ferry colour. These two colours mix as the water is added and they are spread over the small area on the page .
Use the waterbrush on the page to spread the colour
Added a few finer lines and the red and blue colour with the pencil direct on the paper
Then I was off the ferry and ready to enjoy my day !