Customised pencil wrap

I have a brand new customised pencil wrap that I am taking with me to London and Barcelona tomorrow!

This is what it looks like fully stocked with my pencils and pens – all packed and ready to go!

PROTOTYPE #3(the current version)

This is the original Derwent pencil wrap as sold in shops. I used it from 2009 til 2012

Overtime I realised that the style of the wrap did not actually suit the way I draw and the way I use my pencils.

 The issues were:

·        Drawing at a table – eg at a café.

 On a table it would take up a large amount of space– It was awkward to have the wrap out and food on the table, as well as my sketchbook

          On my lap – it was too long and would fall over the sides of lap– more difficult to pick up the pencils quickly.

·        Drawing standing up – once again it was awkward to hold the length of the wrap.

  • I am continuously taking it out of my bag AND the pencils in and out. I needed quick access and instant display

At the end of the day I always had loose pencils falling out of the wrap in my bag and there would be half a dozen pencils at the bottom of my bag.

I could have changed the way I work but I seems easier to change the sketchkit

I had many suggestions from friends and fellow sketchers. My original concept started as it being a part of my shoulder bag – and would fold down from the side. 

I had many ideas but I did not have the technical ability to take them any further 


PROTOTYPE #1 (by me)
 I cut in the pencil wrap in half and crudely tacked them together, one half on top of the other

Eight months later I was using my temporary prototype and it was looking a little worse for wear.
PROTOTYPE #2 (by Kaz)
A sketching friend, Kaz, took pity on me and offered to create a new pencil wrap based on this. She also loves a project and challenge. I bought another new one from the shop, Kaz took measurements and asked me about what I needed. Not long later she gave me a new version. It was foldable and had pockets .
New feature Two little pockets at top each side to put eraser and pencil sharpener
After one week of trialling it, I discovered some things worked brilliantly (the pockets- and extra flap at the top)
Others I did not use (the extra fold up option, as I always used it in “full display” mode)
I also found out that the bottom needs to be closed so pencils don’t fall out.
These were quickly incorporate into PROTOTYPE #3 which you see at the top of the page.
          NEXT VERSION
         We are both already thinking of PROTOTYPE #4 .  My upcoming three week holiday to London and  Barcelona should test it as I will be sketching everywhere everyday ,
         Pockets need clips to close so that sharpener and eraser do not fall out in bag pocket (put in upside down
         Maybe a triple decker version ??
         Make from scratch with a light canvas ………


2 thoughts on “Customised pencil wrap

  1. MiataGrrl

    I LOVE custom solutions that exactly meet your needs! 🙂 Looking forward to meeting you in a few days! Happy and safe travels!

    – Tina

  2. Valerie Gardiner

    Thanks Alissa for this post. I’ve been trying to find a similar solution myself and here is the answer. I’ve got some pink fake leather that would be great on the outside!

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