Drawing on envelopes – one week to go (and other travel drawings)

This is my final drawing on an envelope to my travelling companion.  It is my mum. She lives interstate and will be in Sydney next week, to fly out with me to London. A drawing of an airplane seemed a fitting theme for the last envelope in the trip preparation build up. She has told me that all of my envelopes are currently pinned on a notice board at her home. I hope that she will take a photo of them like that so I can add it to this blog.This “drawing on envelopes” began ten weeks ago and I have written about each one each week.
Up Up and Away
This week, I also drew my squirrel envelopes again to post to some English friends we are visiting and also some other English friends in Australia. I am not sure if any of them will appreciate the squirrels, since they are pests in the UK. This was my favourite envelope as  love the way the squirrel is looking up from the page.
squirrel envelopes are multiplying !
AND  my travel drawing this week is my new watch .
Why ? It is a special watch that has vibrating alarms set during the day to remind me to take my tablets. This is the first overseas travel I have done since my serious brain surgery and hospital stay two years ago which I sketched and journalled.
I am well and life had returned to normal, but I now take lots of tablets (packing my carry on bag has been an adventure). Using my mobile phone alarm was becoming impractical. I wanted an alarm that had no sound, just vibrates . I finally found one online and received it in the mail this week (with much less packaging then my pen!) 


So this holiday is very special for many reasons, one of which is that it is a major step to having a normal life  – not that I travel overseas very often! It is the fact that I can if I want to and I am alive and well enough to do so.

9 thoughts on “Drawing on envelopes – one week to go (and other travel drawings)

  1. Wendy

    I love your sketches. The squirrels are a favorite of mine. I had brain surgery 17 years ago and I’m still trying my best to have a decent life. I understand about having to take medicine at certain times of the day. I’ve gotten to the point that I start to feel funny if it’s getting close to time to take my medicine. I hope you have an awesome holiday. Wendy

  2. Alissa Duke

    It is always lovely to meet someone who can relate to a part of life. I have lots of sickness risk management in the lead up to the holiday.If anything goes wrong, I have a plan.

    I will be happy to walk through parks and see squirrels in London. I will try and do some quick sketches, but I know they move fast !

  3. debra morris

    Great work Alissa, I can sympathize with the pill taking and alarms, my husband had to take many over the last 6 years but it has now reduced to a few. It’s great you are so considerate to your fellow travelers.

  4. MILLY

    The set of envelopes are really lovely and I am so pleased it is your mum who received them, that way you can get to keep them.
    Before his blog I had only found your posts that you had contributed to other blogs. I was not aware of your illness and just discovered about it. I can see just how very important this trip is for you. I hope all goes well and you have a fantastic time.
    Your moo cards look fabulous, colours look great and very professional. A great idea to exchange art work on your trip.
    Wishing you a wonderful trip, will look forward to seeing what you see and journal. It will be lovely to have your mum with you.
    If you are anything like me you will find an art shop and stock up, new books and pens that you do not find at home, always something new to try. You must be getting excited now!
    Best wishes Alissa for a wonderful adventure. Millyx

  5. Sue Pownall

    I’ve from UK and I love squirrels and the ones on your envelopes are adorable.

    It’s great that modern medicine, albeit by regular pilltaking allows you to have a normal life.

    I’m looking forward to meeting you next week. Have a safe trip to LOndon and on to Barcelona.

  6. Alissa Duke

    I hope to see you there Sue – fingers crossed. If you can’t find me – just ask for Liz Steel -we are so fortunate to be there with her and she knows so many people!

  7. Alissa Duke

    Thanks Milly for your advice and continued support. I have my “Urban Sketchers hat” on for this holiday ad will be drawing everyday. But I hope to have the time to pick up leaves in the park to draw at the hotel in the evening.

    We are getting so many sketch books and pencils n a “goody bag” from the sponsors at the Urban Sketchers Symposium. ,but I am sure to visit art shops too

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